Métis Economic Development Sector

The Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF) has established a “Métis
Economic Development Sector”. This Sector identifies opportunities and assists in
creating viable Métis-owned businesses, which will lead to job creation and increased
levels of wealth for Métis community members. The Sector is created to operate within the existing CCDF corporate structure, with a mandate to serve the interests of Métis individuals, businesses and the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the Métis Economic Development Sector is to act as an information
broker and point of coordination in developing Métis business opportunities in
Saskatchewan. The Sector will provide expertise on business development and
management strategies, and act as a conduit for information between industry,  government and entrepreneurs.

The Métis Economic Development Sector plays an integral role in creating effective
and efficient business partnerships and transforming opportunities into viable business
operations. The Sector assists in creating an infrastructure for future economic
development initiatives. This infrastructure will pave the way toward a Métis community
that is economically independent and self-sustaining, while contributing to the greater
economic environment.


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