About the Métis Economic
Development Sector

The Métis Economic Development Sector provides the following strategies:

  • Create forums for sharing and disseminating information to stakeholders.
  • Be available for consultation and community via a variety of mediums.
  • Promote professional development of Sector staff through conferences, work shops and formal education.
  • Work with communities to build economic development corporations.
  • Provide advice on business development and management.
  • Educate business leaders through conferences and workshops.
  • Communicate with industry and government groups to identify opportunities.
  • Guide entrepreneurs through project development with consultants.
  • Link entrepreneurs with mentors to monitor and adjust operations as required.
  • Analyze economic indicators and provide market data to business owners.
  • Assist Métis businesses to expand their markets by providing information on partnership opportunities, contract negotiations, and competitor/market conditions.
  • Act as a conduit to relay information between regions and provide opportunities for group discussions.
  • Promote an atmosphere of cooperation and coordination to pursue large projects.
  • Assess current skills inventory and determine training requirements.



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